The Issues

I’m running for the U.S. Senate to take America back!

We need our government to focus on its fundamental responsibility — not the change to the foundations of our country being pushed by Raphael Warnock and Joe Biden.

This election is too important for an experiment — trusted experience is the key!


Agriculture makes life better for every Georgian. It’s our number one industry, contributing more than $70 billion to our economy every single year.

As Agriculture Commissioner, I’ve protected our farmers from crushing regulations and dedicated myself to securing prosperity for the next generation of Georgia farmers, farm families, agribusiness employers and, as a result, all Georgians. And that’s what I’m going to keep doing in the U.S. Senate.

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Cancel Culture

I stand firmly against censorship in our free nation. The cancel culture talking heads and Big Tech have teamed up with Regressive Democrats to silence conservatives and shun the core tenets of our Republic. It’s got to end.

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Communist China

The Chinese Communist Party must be held to account for the pandemic China unleashed, the atrocities it commits against its own people, and its rampant theft of American technology and intellectual property.

Simply put, we must check China’s influence on every corner of the globe, and I’m prepared to lead that charge in the U.S. Senate.

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A violent crime wave has swept Atlanta and cities across America, and it’s a direct result of the regressive “defund the police” movement. Murders rose 30 percent in 2020, and they’re already up another 16 percent in 2021.

Simply put, defunding the police is the dumbest idea I’ve heard since D.C. statehood. We need to RE-FUND police, enforce the rule of law, and recruit the next generation of law enforcement officers and deputies. Raphael Warnock, who has a long history of insulting law enforcement, won’t do that. I will.

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Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory is more of the same “hate America, divide America” propaganda the Extreme Left has pushed for years. However, today it’s become the mainstream of the Regressive Democrat Party.

It’s pure propaganda, and we must halt its intrusion into our classrooms and the military.

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Education is personal for me. I married a teacher and have developed trusted, long-standing relationships with school superintendents, administrators, K-12 teachers, school nutrition experts, technical schools, and higher education programs.

I’ve seen first-hand how children thrive when the classroom is the first priority and local control remains intact, and I’ve advocated for multiple paths to post-secondary success by supporting our technical college system.

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Election Security

Raphael Warnock and Regressive Democrats in the Senate are leading the charge to nationalize our elections, ban voter ID, mandate dangerous practices like ballot harvesting, and ultimately fund their campaigns with our tax dollars. Not on my watch.

Winning back this U.S. Senate seat means putting an end to the Regressive Party’s attempts at taking over our elections. I’ll work to make our elections more secure, standing against any blue wave that tries to erode voter ID laws.

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Georgia Veterans

This Senate seat was held by Senator Johnny Isakson, whose work for Georgia veterans and their families is unmatched. I’ll work across the aisle to build on Senator Isakson’s strong legacy, keeping the promise we owe to those who’ve given so much for our country.

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Georgia’s Military Tradition

As the son of an Army veteran, I’ve seen Georgia’s proud military tradition firsthand for my entire life. Our state is home to 13 military installations, each of which plays a vital role in their communities and to the overall mission of our entire military.

I’ll be a trusted partner to each of these installations, working every day to protect and strengthen their role in keeping our country safe.

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Illegal Immigration

President Biden and Raphael Warnock’s open borders policy has unleashed a national security and public health crisis. Border crossings are at a record high, overwhelming Customs and Border Patrol and leading to thousands of illegal immigrants being freed into our country with no court date. Full stop.

In the U.S. Senate, I’ll fight to ensure the border is secure, the law is enforced, and the wall is built. And I support zero amnesty. Period.

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We should be building roads and bridges, strengthening ports, and securing our power grid. But we should do so without trillions spent on pet projects that set our country’s fiscal future on fire.

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Jobs and the Economy

Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock’s policies have created a labor shortage, spiraling inflation, and added trillions more to our national debt. Businesses should compete with reasonable oversight, but without competition from a federal government that pays people to stay home.

We must change course before it’s too late. As Agriculture Commissioner, we created new markets, expanded jobs, and gave businesses the support they needed to start and grow. I’ll put that experience to work in the U.S. Senate, to create opportunity, not dependency.

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National Security

Since President Biden and Raphael Warnock took office, America has been humiliated on the world stage. Afghanistan has turned into Saigon 2.0. Russia has been given the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and the NEW Start Treaty. Nothing has been done to check China’s rising influence. The Middle East is on fire once again, and all the while, Raphael Warnock has been MIA and is clearly out of his depth on foreign policy.

Our country deserves better, and I’ll stand for a fearless approach to national defense and strengthening our international position around the world.

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I believe that life begins at conception. Period.

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Regressive Power Grabs

Raphael Warnock and the rest of the Regressive Democrats have made it clear: They want to “fundamentally change” the foundations of our government. I’ll stand in that gap to stop them.

I believe that nine Supreme Court justices is plenty. I believe the filibuster should be protected. And I believe unelected bureaucrats in Washington have no business running Georgia’s elections.

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Second Amendment

I prefer Jesus’ command: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” But my home and family are defended in case others do not follow this command. The Second Amendment is the ultimate firewall and it must be protected.

I’ll stand strong against any regressive plans to take our Constitutional rights.

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Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock are working overtime to end the Trump tax cuts and raise taxes on working Georgians and small businesses. I’m diametrically opposed to this agenda.

We need to make the Trump tax cuts permanent. We need to cut taxes further so that workers and families can keep more of what they earn, and so that our country can be more competitive. And death taxes need to die.

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